Always Go For The Joy (Have You Made A Sale Today)?

For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough. -Zig Ziglar

Have you made a sale today?

Have you prospected as many people, businesses or organizations that you need in order to meet your income goals?

If you are stuck in your business and not sure what to do next; then you know what to do next. Go make a sale and get a win. There is no greater impetus to success, motivation and inspiration than making a sale and the confidence that comes with it.


There are an endless stream of marketing strategies and tactics.

With new technology coming out almost daily that claim to revolutionize some aspect of marketing. Not to mention the ten daily podcast you need to listen you. The new entrepreneur self-help book. The free webinar that will increase your profits by 1,200%. And the absolutely essential, last online course you will ever need… and don’t forget the seminar.

Now I’m not saying these things aren’t important or valuable. Obviously they are and I’ve spent countless hours and dollars on all of these things. What I’m saying is you need to remember that in business you always have one singular priority — make the sale.

No matter how altruistic, socially responsible or how much artistic integrity you may have. At the end of the day you need a transaction to take place. You need money to transfer from a person(s) to you; and you need your product/service/inspiration to transfer to that person.

It’s very easy to get distracted by, well, everything. All the external noise that claims to be the solution to our problems. Or the internal noise and sometimes lies we tell ourselves.

Self awareness is your greatest weapon in cutting through all the noise of the world that is in your head.


I meet a lot of very interesting people. Oftentimes they have this magical blend of passion and ideally compassion. Unfortunately this mixture that creates so much power and drive can create a lot of self deception.

That you aren’t one of those people that are just out to make money. Or what I hear most often, “I don’t like sales”.

Selling is not inherently bad. Unfortunately there are a lot of those ‘sharks’ out there that leave a bad taste in all of our mouths.

Broken down sales is simple and can be very beneficial. It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Present a solution to a problem
  2. Give the result (solve the problem)
  3. Have someone that is satisfied with the result

That’s it. You are in the solutions business.

More importantly, now matter what you offer to the world. Your ultimate goal is to make that person happy.

Sure it may not seem that way when you’re pushing pens with business logos on it. I’ll tell you what though; when I got my first bit of branded stationery I was elated.

Seeing my company’s name printed on pens and paper somehow made everything feel more real and grand. In that moment, I experienced some real joy.

Always go for the joy.

juan mirelez
Juan Mirelez – Reluctant Salesman

Image Attribution: Viktor Hanacek

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