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A Resume Expert Reveals What a Perfect Resume Looks Like


How you format and layout the content of your resume is just as important as the actual content. Because it has to be easy for someone to quickly scan over and pick out the most important pieces of information.

“Always think that the top third of your resume is a snapshot.

Always think that the top third of your resume is a snapshot.

It should be everything they really need to know about you; in terms of what type of job are you targeting and why are you qualified for that type of job. It should sum up what they really need to know about you and give you teasers for the rest of the resume, so they actually want to read the rest they want to know.

I’ll go out on a limb and say objectives a dirty word in resumes right now and you don’t want that on your resume.


Because it’s the biggest thing in the entire world it doesn’t tell the recruiter really anything about you and it’s all about what you want not necessarily what you can provide to the employer.

So instead of having one of those awful run-of-the-mill objective statements replace it with a professional summary that’s your elevator pitch.

What are you great at, passionate about and why are you qualified to pursue that type of role. That’s what you want to capture there.

Underneath that, you have a core competencies or areas of expertise.

This section is a quick summary so they understand exactly who they are dealing with and what’s their realm of knowledge. To figure out if you a good fit or not.

When you’re looking at your work experience on your resume and you’re trying to break it down. I usually recommend a format where you have a small paragraph that describes your role and responsibilities.

At the end of the day, what were you hired to do; and then underneath that you use bullets.

The bullet points are a great technique to draw the eye to your bragging points.

Always think bullet points equal bragging points; and when you’re talking about those bullets you want to use action verbs.

“If you are fresh out of school you or entry-level you get one page of real estate.

If you are fresh out of school you or entry-level you get one page of real estate.

You haven’t done enough to warrant a second page.

If you are 5 or more years out of the out of college, you’ve had a job or two, you have enough material you’re allowed to go to a second page.

Your header should be larger and normally anywhere from 13 or 14 all the way up to 16 depending on what you are emphasizing.

But you’re main body is tends to be a 10 to 12 font size.

I recommend going as low as half an inch all the way around but definitely don’t go any lower than that.

You run into issues with printing at that point and frankly if you need to go smaller than that, you’re trying to cram too much information.

You need to re-evaluate what you’re putting in there in the first place.

Poor and traumatized at Harvard (Imposter Syndrome Never Leaves)

Poor and traumatized at Harvard (Imposter Syndrome Never Leaves)

A great article from Due Quach about coming from a poor Philadelphia neighborhood and going to Harvard.

The feeling of alienation so many of us go through that are able to rise up and out of our environment/hood/ghetto is always there. The only people I know that came from poor circumstances and ‘get out’ either have that feeling of separation in their new social groups — or they fake it with excessive bravado. Otherwise known as being bougie.

It didn’t take long for me to feel completely alienated by the ivory tower academic culture and the self-absorbed drive of my peers and my professors. The administrators preached about lofty goals and celebrated alumni who had changed the world. Yet, I learned the hard way that America’s oldest and most prestigious university makes changes to accommodate no one. Harvard was then (and probably continues to be) a sink or swim environment. Looking back, not a single staff person from Harvard’s admission team who knew about my background and financial situation ever reached out to check on me. If there was anyone on staff who gave a damn if I did sink, I didn’t know who that person was.

Read original article: Poor and traumatized at Harvard


Car dealers are awful … let them die already

Car dealers are awful … let them die already

An opinion piece over at Vox has got me thinking about how much I hate buying a car.

See original article: Car dealers are awful. It’s time to kill the dumb laws that keep them in business.

Ever since I bought my first new car I realized that car dealers are awful and I hated the process. First how amazingly long the process took. Second dealing with strange salespeople.

It blew my mind that I had to waste so much time even when I knew what car I wanted. This mind numbing process that most everyone agrees is terrible. Yet the industry refuses to change. They like it that way. They believe in the process.

Recently I did a short stint getting car sales training at a large new car dealership. It was a great opportunity to see one of the oldest and purest of sales positions from the inside.

I was trained by an auto sales training veteran. Someone that had a pedigree of sales training that went back to some of the greats. He was very good at his job, had a response for every objection and was exceedingly entertaining. To be perfectly honest I really like him. A pure relic of an industry that needs to die.

During this time I was always confused why the dealership operated the way it did. With this incredibly long process, old conman tricks and vicious sales managers waiting to pressure people to buy today. Because it works — it works for them.

The auto dealership industry is designed from the seller first perspective and you are at their mercy. They have all the cars and you have to go through them to get them. It doesn’t really matter if you hate it and complain; because that’s just how dealerships work — and they know it.

The Dying Only Lie To Themselves

It was amazing to watch this self deception play out.

The first thing I kept being told was how much the industry has changed. How if you’re a shark and manipulator you won’t last. That this was a remnant of the old days.

Then I was immediately taught all the old manipulative con man style tricks of the trade. Even hearing, “If I did my job well, the buyer will never even look at the sticker price.” And yes, if you don’t they will ad on thousands to the price if they can get away with it.

This is an industry stuck in it’s ways because it doesn’t know anything else. It works and makes money for them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a worst case scenario for buyers and everyone hates it — you don’t have a choice!

Until you do.

It’s Time To Move On

The direct to consumer model Tesla has taken on is giving proof to concept.

That car makers can make more money without dealers.

That real people can have a better experience.

That we don’t have to settle just because one industry has a monopoly on distribution.

If you can get better service at a better price why wouldn’t you take that deal?

juan mirelez
Juan Mirelez – car dealers are the worst

P.S. To learn more about how awful car dealers are check out this segment on NPR: Why Car Buying Is So Awful

Always Go For The Joy (Have You Made A Sale Today)?

Always Go For The Joy (Have You Made A Sale Today)?

For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough. -Zig Ziglar

Have you made a sale today?

Have you prospected as many people, businesses or organizations that you need in order to meet your income goals?

If you are stuck in your business and not sure what to do next; then you know what to do next. Go make a sale and get a win. There is no greater impetus to success, motivation and inspiration than making a sale and the confidence that comes with it.


There are an endless stream of marketing strategies and tactics.

With new technology coming out almost daily that claim to revolutionize some aspect of marketing. Not to mention the ten daily podcast you need to listen you. The new entrepreneur self-help book. The free webinar that will increase your profits by 1,200%. And the absolutely essential, last online course you will ever need… and don’t forget the seminar.

Now I’m not saying these things aren’t important or valuable. Obviously they are and I’ve spent countless hours and dollars on all of these things. What I’m saying is you need to remember that in business you always have one singular priority — make the sale.

No matter how altruistic, socially responsible or how much artistic integrity you may have. At the end of the day you need a transaction to take place. You need money to transfer from a person(s) to you; and you need your product/service/inspiration to transfer to that person.

It’s very easy to get distracted by, well, everything. All the external noise that claims to be the solution to our problems. Or the internal noise and sometimes lies we tell ourselves.

Self awareness is your greatest weapon in cutting through all the noise of the world that is in your head.


I meet a lot of very interesting people. Oftentimes they have this magical blend of passion and ideally compassion. Unfortunately this mixture that creates so much power and drive can create a lot of self deception.

That you aren’t one of those people that are just out to make money. Or what I hear most often, “I don’t like sales”.

Selling is not inherently bad. Unfortunately there are a lot of those ‘sharks’ out there that leave a bad taste in all of our mouths.

Broken down sales is simple and can be very beneficial. It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Present a solution to a problem
  2. Give the result (solve the problem)
  3. Have someone that is satisfied with the result

That’s it. You are in the solutions business.

More importantly, now matter what you offer to the world. Your ultimate goal is to make that person happy.

Sure it may not seem that way when you’re pushing pens with business logos on it. I’ll tell you what though; when I got my first bit of branded stationery I was elated.

Seeing my company’s name printed on pens and paper somehow made everything feel more real and grand. In that moment, I experienced some real joy.

Always go for the joy.

juan mirelez
Juan Mirelez – Reluctant Salesman

Image Attribution: Viktor Hanacek

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The Mind of an Entrepreneur (Why We Risk It All)

The Mind of an Entrepreneur (Why We Risk It All)

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover. – Mark Twain


First and foremost is a strong sense of individuality and desire for freedom. In many ways I think deciding to start your own business is simply a declaration that you wish to be the captain of your own ship.

It’s easy to look at that comment and think that just means wanting to be the boss. That would be superficial though and ultimately inaccurate. I’m sure that’s a case for some, but most entrepreneurs really just want control. Mainly control of your own life.

You don’t want to be pushed around and forced to do anything that you want to do.

It cracks me up because I don’t think of myself as some kind of control freak. Yet if I take a really honest look at my life decisions I am definitely a control freak. It all comes down wanting to be in control of my own life.

Maybe you had difficulties with authority figures. Or just couldn’t shake the feeling that you are wasting your time when you weren’t doing your own thing.

Any way you slice it you don’t want to be limited by anything or anyone.


They are those that want to jump over their own heads.

The essence of the American dream is that you are not limited by your past, where you came from or what you have. But there is opportunity for those that are willing to go past the fear and create a new life for themselves and their loved ones.

That’s why I love this idea of rising mobility and named of my company Mobility Rising.

Like a lot of us I didn’t come from much. Growing up in the poor neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. Were just not getting caught up by the negativity of that world is considered to be an accomplishment by some.

Entrepreneurs are willing to put stability on the line in order to seize opportunity and make dreams possible.


Money is nice but it really comes back to freedom and control. That at the end of the day we all just want to free men and women with no limitations.

The trick is to realize that you already are.

juan mirelez
Juan Mirelez – Control Freak

Image Attribution: Viktor Hanacek

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