black friday marketing ideas

Black Friday Marketing Ideas

2 days left until the biggest shopping day of the year and the Black Friday marketing ideas begin to fly. The dreaded Black Friday where prices get slashed, profit margins dwindle, and customers’ inhibitions disappear. The truth is I think the only ones really able to make money on Black Friday are the largest retailers. They have the data and analytics to know exactly where they can give deep discounts and still pull a profit. Let alone their buying power!

Then what can we as the small business owner do without cutting our own throat alongside our prices?

Black Friday = Massive List Building Opportunity

If you have to compete in a volatile place of deep discounting get the customer on your list. Pen and paper or digital, it doesn’t matter. (It kinda does, but right now it’s not the priority) Make the customers pay for that discount with themselves! It has been proven time and time again that people are more willing to buy from you if they have done so before.

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Why not help them along that process with a sequential online or offline mailing?

Now, at the very minimum put up a sign by the heavily discounted product that say something like:

Regular Price $150
Black Friday Price $50

(signup for newsletter at checkout for discount)

Then have a pad of paper with name, address, and email at checkout. That’s it. You can really go nuts into all kinds of complex methods but this is a bare bones, last minute, let’s at least get something out of this Friday solution.

That’s it for today’s Black Friday Marketing Ideas, if you want to learn how to setup a sequential mailing list through your website so you can take your marketing to the next level and make more money, give us a call at (312) 521-0820.

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– Juan Martin
Founder & Avoider of Shopping Crowds

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