car dealers are awful

Car dealers are awful … let them die already

An opinion piece over at Vox has got me thinking about how much I hate buying a car.

See original article: Car dealers are awful. It’s time to kill the dumb laws that keep them in business.

Ever since I bought my first new car I realized that car dealers are awful and I hated the process. First how amazingly long the process took. Second dealing with strange salespeople.

It blew my mind that I had to waste so much time even when I knew what car I wanted. This mind numbing process that most everyone agrees is terrible. Yet the industry refuses to change. They like it that way. They believe in the process.

Recently I did a short stint getting car sales training at a large new car dealership. It was a great opportunity to see one of the oldest and purest of sales positions from the inside.

I was trained by an auto sales training veteran. Someone that had a pedigree of sales training that went back to some of the greats. He was very good at his job, had a response for every objection and was exceedingly entertaining. To be perfectly honest I really like him. A pure relic of an industry that needs to die.

During this time I was always confused why the dealership operated the way it did. With this incredibly long process, old conman tricks and vicious sales managers waiting to pressure people to buy today. Because it works — it works for them.

The auto dealership industry is designed from the seller first perspective and you are at their mercy. They have all the cars and you have to go through them to get them. It doesn’t really matter if you hate it and complain; because that’s just how dealerships work — and they know it.

The Dying Only Lie To Themselves

It was amazing to watch this self deception play out.

The first thing I kept being told was how much the industry has changed. How if you’re a shark and manipulator you won’t last. That this was a remnant of the old days.

Then I was immediately taught all the old manipulative con man style tricks of the trade. Even hearing, “If I did my job well, the buyer will never even look at the sticker price.” And yes, if you don’t they will ad on thousands to the price if they can get away with it.

This is an industry stuck in it’s ways because it doesn’t know anything else. It works and makes money for them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a worst case scenario for buyers and everyone hates it — you don’t have a choice!

Until you do.

It’s Time To Move On

The direct to consumer model Tesla has taken on is giving proof to concept.

That car makers can make more money without dealers.

That real people can have a better experience.

That we don’t have to settle just because one industry has a monopoly on distribution.

If you can get better service at a better price why wouldn’t you take that deal?

juan mirelez
Juan Mirelez – car dealers are the worst

P.S. To learn more about how awful car dealers are check out this segment on NPR: Why Car Buying Is So Awful

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