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Mind The Gaps and How a Latina Entrepreneur Saved Her Family Business

Mind The Gaps and How a Latina Entrepreneur Saved Her Family Business

Have you ever had to hop over a puddle of water?

This simple act to avoid getting your feet wet is something we’ve all experienced. But there are some people that don’t hop over.

They jump in!

Both feet, right in the water, splashing water everywhere with a big smile on their face.

That’s what it feels like to see opportunity and seize it.

The same thing happens in the buying process of any product or service, we all go through some process. From problem/need and all the touch points on the way to solution/purchase. Through this process, there are often gaps and we are forced to make mental leaps or be keep researching to finally get to your product.

That’s where you find the gold.

The space in between all the tiny decisions we make along the way to have our problems solved.

One of the first questions I always ask my clients is, “what are all the questions and steps your customer goes through until they get to you?”

In that gap you have two primary opportunities:

1) Get in the path of your prospect

2) Develop new products that fill that gap

Put Yourself In Their Path (Know Thy Customer)

By identifying the decision-making process of your customer you can target those decisions directly. A simple and effective way is writing content that answers questions that naturally lead to your offering.

Then you can easily use Google AdWords to advertise directly to those asking the question. In other words, you’ve put yourself in their path.

Seize Opportunity with a New Product (Fill The Gap)

Latina entrepreneur Bricia Lopez did exactly this by reworking her father’s failing family restaurant and developing a line of high-quality mole (Mexican gravy) that is sold both online and grocery stores.

She was able to identify two gaps. After a customer left her restaurant — the ability to take home the flavor; and the desire for the growing Latino middle class to have new and higher quality food products.

You can read the full write up about Bricia Lopez here:

How To Mind Your Gap

There are two ways you can quickly identify your market’s gaps.

First, begin by developing your FAQ.

Gather all those questions customers ask you. In these questions, they are telling you exactly what problems they have and how they’d like them solved.

Second, what products and services are your customers buying before they get to you. There is an opportunity in there for either new product lines or strategic relationships with other businesses to offer your solution.

At the end of the day, it’s always the same, identifying problems and offering solutions. We can just be a little more strategic about it.

Juan Mirelez
Founder & CEO

juan mirelez

How Artificial Intelligence May Automate Prejudice in HR

How Artificial Intelligence May Automate Prejudice in HR

What does a Human Resources AI look for in candidates?

Recently I read an article about the coming wave of Artificial Intelligence to help screen candidates for human resource departments.

Since I do professional coaching I talk to job hunters about navigating all the filtering systems you encounter in the process. The most common being Applicant Tracking Software (ATS).

Which is the reason most candidates’ resumes are never seen by a human.

It’s easy to view HR AI as just taking ATS to the next level. Allowing a deeper filter that doesn’t just filter out resumes, but individual responses to question, body language and speech patterns.

From Interviewed‘s co-founder: “It’s now beginning to automate the assessment of what cofounder Chris Bakke describes as “softer skills,” by using computerized analysis to identify speech patterns among, for example, empathetic individuals.”

Where we fall in the gray zone, and the question we need to ask ourselves is, are we automating bias?

As with all systems of scale, they are designed for compliance and conformity. Based on speech patterns alone this can easily lead to filtering immigrants, minorities, and poor people.

When you grow up in an impoverished minority community you tend to have different speech patterns from middle-class white America.

Call it ebonics, Black-American vernacular or whatever. If you’re from a poor colored neighborhood on the Southside of Chicago, you probably grew up sounding different from your average corporate America employee.

I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve known over the years that still have touches of our local dialect from the hood. Even though they eventually went on to college and completed a degree.

They are professionals but are branded by their undesired American accent.

For most people working in corporate America, such issues don’t affect you much.

Yet when we create systems that limit upward social mobility for those that have to work three times harder just to get out of poverty, we are going in the wrong direction.

juan mirelez

Juan Mirelez
Founder & CEO

Read original article:

A Resume Expert Reveals What a Perfect Resume Looks Like


How you format and layout the content of your resume is just as important as the actual content. Because it has to be easy for someone to quickly scan over and pick out the most important pieces of information.

“Always think that the top third of your resume is a snapshot.

Always think that the top third of your resume is a snapshot.

It should be everything they really need to know about you; in terms of what type of job are you targeting and why are you qualified for that type of job. It should sum up what they really need to know about you and give you teasers for the rest of the resume, so they actually want to read the rest they want to know.

I’ll go out on a limb and say objectives a dirty word in resumes right now and you don’t want that on your resume.


Because it’s the biggest thing in the entire world it doesn’t tell the recruiter really anything about you and it’s all about what you want not necessarily what you can provide to the employer.

So instead of having one of those awful run-of-the-mill objective statements replace it with a professional summary that’s your elevator pitch.

What are you great at, passionate about and why are you qualified to pursue that type of role. That’s what you want to capture there.

Underneath that, you have a core competencies or areas of expertise.

This section is a quick summary so they understand exactly who they are dealing with and what’s their realm of knowledge. To figure out if you a good fit or not.

When you’re looking at your work experience on your resume and you’re trying to break it down. I usually recommend a format where you have a small paragraph that describes your role and responsibilities.

At the end of the day, what were you hired to do; and then underneath that you use bullets.

The bullet points are a great technique to draw the eye to your bragging points.

Always think bullet points equal bragging points; and when you’re talking about those bullets you want to use action verbs.

“If you are fresh out of school you or entry-level you get one page of real estate.

If you are fresh out of school you or entry-level you get one page of real estate.

You haven’t done enough to warrant a second page.

If you are 5 or more years out of the out of college, you’ve had a job or two, you have enough material you’re allowed to go to a second page.

Your header should be larger and normally anywhere from 13 or 14 all the way up to 16 depending on what you are emphasizing.

But you’re main body is tends to be a 10 to 12 font size.

I recommend going as low as half an inch all the way around but definitely don’t go any lower than that.

You run into issues with printing at that point and frankly if you need to go smaller than that, you’re trying to cram too much information.

You need to re-evaluate what you’re putting in there in the first place.

Why You Should Always Lead With Benefits (What’s In It For Me?)

Why You Should Always Lead With Benefits (What’s In It For Me?)

As I peruse the internet seeing the latest offers, sales pages, opt-ins, and Nigerian prince’s emails I can’t help but notice a clear lack of benefits in their offerings. Sure it has an unending features list of what is can do. But what’s in it for me?

Why don’t these websites lead with benefits?

When it comes down to it, is lazy sales pitches. It’s a whole lot easier to generate a laundry list of what a product can do instead of figure out how it solves your problem. I would even go so far that before you create the product or service you identify the problems and only offer what directly solves those problems and brings about the most benefit to your client or customer’s life.

When you start your sales pitch, be it a sale page on your website, a sales letter, marketing video, or newspaper ad start with the goal in mind and lead with benefits. Take the highest view and the end result and work your way backwards. Essentially you are catching your prospect with their own strongest desire.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of how you lead with benefits from one of our own sales pages.
Because I very much believe in practicing what I preach.

We Follow Our Own Advice

lead with benefits

This is from our budget websites sales page.
Notice the headline:

Get Your Website Fast Without Breaking The Bank.

The end result is presented first and with clarity.

[Get Your New Website]

If you made it here you must be in the market to get your business online and need a website or have an old one revamped. Why waste time with overly clever one liners. Get in there with the results and benefit and get in there fast!

Let’s take a look at a single action inducing word:


By adding a time frame of some kind you create a sense of immediate action and result can be taken by the potential client.

Now we have the crux:

[Without Breaking The Bank]

This product is specially designed to be a low cost professional solution for getting your business online. You are hit with the obvious result and benefit within the first line.

What is the problem?
I need to get my business online, and I don’t want to spend $2,000 on an over priced design firm to do it and still not know if the website produces any real results.

Get Your New Website Fast Without Breaking The Bank

We don’t end there though. We know you are a local business in the market to get a new website and not be over charged. Since most of us small business owners count our pennies you do this for one reason only. To get you more local customers. Other wise why go through all the effort and spend your hard earned money?

That is what comes on the second line:

Let us help you get more local customers

Now if you don’t read anything else on the page and the truth is most won’t. You know you can get a new website, quickly, without being overcharged to solve your most pressing problem as a business owner which is getting more customers.

Ok enough blatant self advertising let’s look at some another example.

Western Union Does It Right

western union facebook ad

Just loaded up Facebook to take a look at what others are advertising. I have to say I really like this Western Union ad.

Headline :

[Western Union Now $1 Fee!]

Obviously this is targeted to those that already know what Western Union does (money transfers). Which is tolerable when your brand is synonymous with the action.
You are immediately presented with a new benefit of a lower cost $1 Fee.

[Be Their Joy!]

They then employ emotion, which is an incredibly strong selling tool. Since if you are sending money there is usually a strong need to do so. Anchoring this to the good feeling you will have lays the foundation for a positive result and ties back into Western Union.

[Send money online in minutes, now starting at $1 fee at]

You can now get this good feeling of solving the problem and having a good feeling, easily, right now, and you even save money doing so.
That is all result and benefit in action.

Unfortunately most of the ads I see on Facebook just present the product and hope that magically I happen to want exactly what they are selling when I glance at the ad.

Good luck with that guys.

juan mirelez
– Juan Martin
Founder & Benefit Orientated Bloke

Featured Image credit:, via Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to Mobility Rising

Welcome to Mobility Rising

Welcome to Mobility Rising. We are a Chicago based marketing and internet services company. Our mission is simple. To help small business owners use the internet to make more money doing what they love. By providing you with real world, boots on the ground, results driven marketing and internet solutions to grow your business. This is our mantra. It’s even written on an index card and tapped on the wall behind my computer. So I can never forget.

This blog is the place to share what I know and love to help you grow your business, non-profit, or help the wantrepreneur waiting to break free into the open market. This is a source to find out what’s working and what isn’t. A platform to help small business owners gain insight into their own business.

Why such a focus on Chicago small businesses? Because I am one and I truly believe that small business is the fastest and most practical path to breaking free of the rising mobility statistics. My name is Juan Mirelez and I’m from a poor neighborhood in South Chicago. We call it The Bush. Just those facts alone dictate that my income potential is severely limited. It’s a sad truth, but that’s what it is.

broken ladder

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We Are Not Limited By Statistics

Over the course of my life I have scraped and hustled and built a career. A couple small businesses, time spent in the medical field, and finally finding my home in sales and marketing. With a bit of time in the middle travelling the world and meeting my beautiful Russian wife. Obviously I don’t believe in limitations!

As small business owners we are notorious Do-It-Yourselfers. The truth is most small business owners are great at what they do. I think it makes sense to focus on your natural talent and existing knowledge. As my love for marketing and the internet grew I started to notice that most local small businesses don’t know how to use it to grow their business. Often times thinking that hiring a marketing agency is way too expensive or not worth it for them. Mobility Rising wants to make these marketing resources accessible to all small businesses. Not just the multi-billion dollar global corporations.

We are not limited by where we come from or how big our bank account is!

break free

Small business is the foundation of our economy. 55% of all jobs are from small businesses, and we account for 54% of all US sales. That is more than half of the entire game. And it’s growing! Yet it seems only larger companies have access to all the tools and resources to rapidly grow their business. Constantly trying to eat all the little fish and push the small guy out.

I say let’s break out of the rising mobility trends. Let’s work together to grow each other, grow our communities, and grow our entire economy.

Let’s get started, there’s no time to lose!



juan mirelez
– Juan Martin
Founder & Freeman

Featured Image Credit: Mark Brennan