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Chicago Startup Officeluv Wants To Be The “Uber” of Business Cleaning

What excites me is being able to give back to the city and being able to create meaningful jobs for folks,” Hartman said. “We’re embedded in Chicago. Our roots are here. We’re going to focus on growth here, and hopefully in future that could be a model taken outside of the city.  – OfficeLuv founder Christopher Hartman

While there are no shortage of startups aiming at being the “Uber” of everything, few can claim Uber as a client.

Officeluv launched this March with its office in Chicago’s River North. They aim to offer reliable, subscription based and transparent pricing to business cleaning services in Chicago.

Cleaning costs $25/hour, and OfficeLuv says it uses software to estimate the number of cleaning hours needed based on things like square footage and number of employees.

While cleaning offices may sound uninspiring and downright mundane — so were taxis. With funding from Chicago angel investors Paul Lee and Dick Kiphart, they are betting on another legacy industry disruption.

With Chicago becoming a Second City for tech startups; Officeluv has a unique opportunity to build a foothold in Chicago. Which can be especially difficult with old-school unions and back door dealings controlling so much of Chicago’s infrastructure.

Culturally Officeluv is more compatible to this new generation of businesses and they are banking big on that.

This makes Officeluv’s long term goal of becoming a full service office management company even more ambitious. Still, there are a number of startups in the cleaning arena, no one has become been declared the winner.

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