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Why You Should Always Lead With Benefits (What’s In It For Me?)

As I peruse the internet seeing the latest offers, sales pages, opt-ins, and Nigerian prince’s emails I can’t help but notice a clear lack of benefits in their offerings. Sure it has an unending features list of what is can do. But what’s in it for me?

Why don’t these websites lead with benefits?

When it comes down to it, is lazy sales pitches. It’s a whole lot easier to generate a laundry list of what a product can do instead of figure out how it solves your problem. I would even go so far that before you create the product or service you identify the problems and only offer what directly solves those problems and brings about the most benefit to your client or customer’s life.

When you start your sales pitch, be it a sale page on your website, a sales letter, marketing video, or newspaper ad start with the goal in mind and lead with benefits. Take the highest view and the end result and work your way backwards. Essentially you are catching your prospect with their own strongest desire.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of how you lead with benefits from one of our own sales pages.
Because I very much believe in practicing what I preach.

We Follow Our Own Advice

lead with benefits

This is from our budget websites sales page.
Notice the headline:

Get Your Website Fast Without Breaking The Bank.

The end result is presented first and with clarity.

[Get Your New Website]

If you made it here you must be in the market to get your business online and need a website or have an old one revamped. Why waste time with overly clever one liners. Get in there with the results and benefit and get in there fast!

Let’s take a look at a single action inducing word:


By adding a time frame of some kind you create a sense of immediate action and result can be taken by the potential client.

Now we have the crux:

[Without Breaking The Bank]

This product is specially designed to be a low cost professional solution for getting your business online. You are hit with the obvious result and benefit within the first line.

What is the problem?
I need to get my business online, and I don’t want to spend $2,000 on an over priced design firm to do it and still not know if the website produces any real results.

Get Your New Website Fast Without Breaking The Bank

We don’t end there though. We know you are a local business in the market to get a new website and not be over charged. Since most of us small business owners count our pennies you do this for one reason only. To get you more local customers. Other wise why go through all the effort and spend your hard earned money?

That is what comes on the second line:

Let us help you get more local customers

Now if you don’t read anything else on the page and the truth is most won’t. You know you can get a new website, quickly, without being overcharged to solve your most pressing problem as a business owner which is getting more customers.

Ok enough blatant self advertising let’s look at some another example.

Western Union Does It Right

western union facebook ad

Just loaded up Facebook to take a look at what others are advertising. I have to say I really like this Western Union ad.

Headline :

[Western Union Now $1 Fee!]

Obviously this is targeted to those that already know what Western Union does (money transfers). Which is tolerable when your brand is synonymous with the action.
You are immediately presented with a new benefit of a lower cost $1 Fee.

[Be Their Joy!]

They then employ emotion, which is an incredibly strong selling tool. Since if you are sending money there is usually a strong need to do so. Anchoring this to the good feeling you will have lays the foundation for a positive result and ties back into Western Union.

[Send money online in minutes, now starting at $1 fee at westernunion.com]

You can now get this good feeling of solving the problem and having a good feeling, easily, right now, and you even save money doing so.
That is all result and benefit in action.

Unfortunately most of the ads I see on Facebook just present the product and hope that magically I happen to want exactly what they are selling when I glance at the ad.

Good luck with that guys.

juan mirelez
– Juan Martin
Founder & Benefit Orientated Bloke

Featured Image credit: epSos.de, via Wikimedia Commons

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