mind the gaps and how a latina entrepreneur saved her family business

Mind The Gaps and How a Latina Entrepreneur Saved Her Family Business

Have you ever had to hop over a puddle of water?

This simple act to avoid getting your feet wet is something we’ve all experienced. But there are some people that don’t hop over.

They jump in!

Both feet, right in the water, splashing water everywhere with a big smile on their face.

That’s what it feels like to see opportunity and seize it.

The same thing happens in the buying process of any product or service, we all go through some process. From problem/need and all the touch points on the way to solution/purchase. Through this process, there are often gaps and we are forced to make mental leaps or be keep researching to finally get to your product.

That’s where you find the gold.

The space in between all the tiny decisions we make along the way to have our problems solved.

One of the first questions I always ask my clients is, “what are all the questions and steps your customer goes through until they get to you?”

In that gap you have two primary opportunities:

1) Get in the path of your prospect

2) Develop new products that fill that gap

Put Yourself In Their Path (Know Thy Customer)

By identifying the decision-making process of your customer you can target those decisions directly. A simple and effective way is writing content that answers questions that naturally lead to your offering.

Then you can easily use Google AdWords to advertise directly to those asking the question. In other words, you’ve put yourself in their path.

Seize Opportunity with a New Product (Fill The Gap)

Latina entrepreneur Bricia Lopez did exactly this by reworking her father’s failing family restaurant and developing a line of high-quality mole (Mexican gravy) that is sold both online and grocery stores.

She was able to identify two gaps. After a customer left her restaurant — the ability to take home the flavor; and the desire for the growing Latino middle class to have new and higher quality food products.

You can read the full write up about Bricia Lopez here:

How To Mind Your Gap

There are two ways you can quickly identify your market’s gaps.

First, begin by developing your FAQ.

Gather all those questions customers ask you. In these questions, they are telling you exactly what problems they have and how they’d like them solved.

Second, what products and services are your customers buying before they get to you. There is an opportunity in there for either new product lines or strategic relationships with other businesses to offer your solution.

At the end of the day, it’s always the same, identifying problems and offering solutions. We can just be a little more strategic about it.

Juan Mirelez
Founder & CEO

juan mirelez

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