welcome to mobility rising

Welcome to Mobility Rising

Welcome to Mobility Rising. We are a Chicago based marketing and internet services company. Our mission is simple. To help small business owners use the internet to make more money doing what they love. By providing you with real world, boots on the ground, results driven marketing and internet solutions to grow your business. This is our mantra. It’s even written on an index card and tapped on the wall behind my computer. So I can never forget.

This blog is the place to share what I know and love to help you grow your business, non-profit, or help the wantrepreneur waiting to break free into the open market. This is a source to find out what’s working and what isn’t. A platform to help small business owners gain insight into their own business.

Why such a focus on Chicago small businesses? Because I am one and I truly believe that small business is the fastest and most practical path to breaking free of the rising mobility statistics. My name is Juan Mirelez and I’m from a poor neighborhood in South Chicago. We call it The Bush. Just those facts alone dictate that my income potential is severely limited. It’s a sad truth, but that’s what it is.

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We Are Not Limited By Statistics

Over the course of my life I have scraped and hustled and built a career. A couple small businesses, time spent in the medical field, and finally finding my home in sales and marketing. With a bit of time in the middle travelling the world and meeting my beautiful Russian wife. Obviously I don’t believe in limitations!

As small business owners we are notorious Do-It-Yourselfers. The truth is most small business owners are great at what they do. I think it makes sense to focus on your natural talent and existing knowledge. As my love for marketing and the internet grew I started to notice that most local small businesses don’t know how to use it to grow their business. Often times thinking that hiring a marketing agency is way too expensive or not worth it for them. Mobility Rising wants to make these marketing resources accessible to all small businesses. Not just the multi-billion dollar global corporations.

We are not limited by where we come from or how big our bank account is!

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Small business is the foundation of our economy. 55% of all jobs are from small businesses, and we account for 54% of all US sales. That is more than half of the entire game. And it’s growing! Yet it seems only larger companies have access to all the tools and resources to rapidly grow their business. Constantly trying to eat all the little fish and push the small guy out.

I say let’s break out of the rising mobility trends. Let’s work together to grow each other, grow our communities, and grow our entire economy.

Let’s get started, there’s no time to lose!



juan mirelez
– Juan Martin
Founder & Freeman

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